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Voici à présent les différentes étapes pour nouer un durag à la perfection. À ses débuts, le durag était porté par les hommes et les femmes avec des habits décontractés à l’instar du t-shirt ou du jean large. 40 IENA Par Alai Goudot, professeur de chaire supérieure d Aglais e classes préparatoires écoomiques et commerciales au lycée Bellepierre, à Sait- Deis de la Réuio. IENA SUJET Versailles i the valley Cupertio looks like may other small, drab cities i orther Califoria, with serried houses ad shoppig cetres. Later this year, however, it will become the oly place to fid Apple s ewest creatio: the eormous rig wich will serve as the techology firm s headquarters. Several moths before he died i 011, Steve Jobs, Apple s fouder ad the mastermid of the project, predicted that the spaceship- like structure would become the best office buildig i the world ad that people from everywhere would travel to see it. But they also mark a cultural shift for the Valley, whose ethos is to value garages (i which firms like Hewlett- Packard ad Apple were bor) over glitz. Meawhile, Google is workig o a zay idea for a ew headquarters to replace its Googleplex, wich ivolves costructig movable glass buildigs.

The compay has hired two architects, Thomas Heatherwick ad Bjarke Igels, who have come up with a idea that feels as though it was cococted at a all- ight party at Burig Ma, the aual gatherig of hippies ad techies i the Nevada desert. Pour plus de détails sur bonnet durag visitez notre page d’accueil. Si vous êtes intéressé par LINK, veuillez consulter notre site Web. The site spas several city blocks. They are desigig fuctioal, ope- pla offices to icrease collaboratio amog employees: activity- based workig, which ivolves people doig their jobs from differet places withi a office, icludig outdoor beches, o- site coffee shops, appig pods ad meetig rooms, is becomig the orm. Other techology compaies, icludig Nvidia, Samsug ad Uber, will, collectively, sped well over $1 billio o ew buildigs that broadcast ANNALES CCIR l 37 Sciet. Eric Albert, Le Mode, 5 septembre 016. ANNALES CCIR l 39 Sciet. 38 l ANNALES CCIR Alexadra suich, 1843 Magazie (The Ecoomist), April/May 016. I. VERSION (sur 0 poits) Traduire à partir de These firms visios jusqu à Silico Valley could lose somethig i the log term. Cupertio ad other Silico Valley tows may come to log for the time whe they had o iterestig buildigs to distiguish them. They just had what they deserved to have.

10 poits) IENA. Questio de comprehesio du texte Explai what the followig setece meas: Iovative architecture may attract talet ad tourists iitially, but it also risks alterig ad eviromet that has fostered world- beatig ideas ad products. These firms visios for what they wat to erect may differ, but they share commo elemets. Google s plas are the most audacious o brad for a firm workig o imagiative projects like explorig space, extedig huma life ad creatig a self- drivig car. To prove Jobs right, aroud 13,000 costructio workers have laboured for years behid thick, high walls. But while this wave of costructio captures the optimism ad wealth of a cohort of compaies that are imagiig ad packagig our digital future, Silico Valley could lose somethig i the log term. Iovative architecture may attract talet ad tourists iitially, but it also risks alterig a eviromet that has fostered world- beatig ideas ad products. The Valley thrived because people met ad shared ideas i office parks, restaurats ad cafés, ad talet has historically moved aroud easily withi ad betwee compaies. The scacle of the project rivals the aciet Egyptias moumets.

With a price tag of aroud $5 billio, it may be the most expesive corporate headquarters i history. Silico Valley is havig its Versailles momet, says Louise Mozigo, a professor at the Uiversity of Califoria, Berkeley, ad the author of a fie book called Pastoral Capitalism about corporate headquarters. They are also softeig the buildigs ad the whiff of corporate might with greeery. There is a juice bar ad food carts, ad sprikled throughout it are map legeds, desiged to look like those cosulted by backpackers i a state park. The proposal suggests that Google, havig disrupted may idustries, ow wats to rethik a cetral teet of architecture: that buildigs are immovable. Every piece of glass o the four- storey exterior is curved, requirig special paes to be made i Germay the largest pieces of curved glass ever maufactured. Their pla is to costruct a mobile set of glass buildigs that would expad ad shift like Lego blocks as differet departmets space requiremets chaged. Earlier this year, everythig was hidde from view except craes ad a huge sad pile that rose a few hudred feet high, like the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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